Seren the Scottish Dragon

Book 1: Tippy’s New Friend

The story of a lonely dragon in New Hampshire who sees a garden with a miniature Stone Henge and dragon figurines. She lands and meets Tippy the dog, and Lana, a teacher. Tippy and Lana are asked if they would like to take a ride, which leads to a magical day. 

Release: October 13, 2023

Book 2: Tippy Goes To California

Tippy, Lana, and Seren the dragon fly to California. They meet up with Chris, Lana’s friend, and visit beautiful spots around the state. 

Release: Early 2024

Book 3: Tippy Visits Washington State

The three fly to Washington and meet up with friends. The son, Kaleb, joins them and takes them to amazing places.

Seren checking out StoneHenge!
Can you find Tippy?
Release Date October 13, 2023!

Tippy driving to Stewart’s for her Vanilla Ice cream!

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