• rattling
    softly slowly she slides slithering along quietly in the soft leavings of leaves which litter the forest floor dotted with sunshine past the head of a pure white Indian Pipe just showing itself as it pushes through the damp peat along with a few others looking for light after a long winters sleep past and … Read more
  • who will lead me home -a pantoum
    i try to be brave and shining a lighthouse for others to see to shine light through lifes’ fog from darkness that hides hope from view a lighthouse for others to see that beacon of light in the dark from darkness that hides hope from view for those bobbing lost in confusion that beacon of … Read more
  • the mourning dove
    i heard the call of a mourning dove as it floated on the wind. its haunting tune so lonely in the silence of the dawn. oh why do you sound so forlorn i wondered, as i looked up at the bird, when all around you lies beauty and peace and tranquility? from the blooms of … Read more
  • westerly winds
    painting and poem by jsburl westerly windsoh do blow stronglyfilling my sailsplease take me a-way push my bow faithfullyto part my sorrowslet me fly wheredolphins dance with delight keep my journey truewith lively zephyrswhere adversity fades asthe sea turns crimson at eventide  take me to a place wherethe sea sparkles sapphiresleave behind my briny deep … Read more

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